Wednesday, November 15, 2006

LuangPrabang - Rustic Chic

When arrived at our accommodation with an Aussie couple that we had met on the boat who were headed for the same place. As luck would have it, they only had one room and it was above our budget. The Aussie couple thought the same and called and booked another hotel. In the meantime, the friendly guy at reception knocked a whack of the room price and offered it to us. Feeling slightly guilty, but very tired, we took it.

ThongBay is like a mini resort full of thatched bungalows set around a small but beautiful tropical garden. The place is gorgeous. If I could have dreamed up my perfect idea of accommodation in Laos, this would be it. Our bungalow is huge, with a bathroom you could swing a cow in and best of all, we have a balcony overlooking the river flowing into the Mekong.

Our male readers will probably want to stop reading now, but I have to rave about our bungalow. The d├ęcor is fabulous dahlings. The bedroom walls are made from chequered panels of bamboo and dark wood, the bathroom walls are solid rock and there are skylights so it feels like you are taking a shower outside. Our bed is a four poster with colourful silk scarves wrapped around the posts. There are silver engravings of Lao temples hung on the walls and on the balcony there are elaborately patterned thai-style mats with triangle shaped cushions for your back. Next to these there are low wicker tables, just perfect for resting a cold beer on.

As I sit here drinking my Beer Lao as the sun goes down, across the river I can see the locals still working in their gardens and their kids taking soap down to the river for a bath. Yes, I realise this is what I was looking for – rustic chic : )

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